The research programme “Territories, Communities and Exchanges in the Sino-Tibetan Kham Borderlands (China)” has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration, European Research Council (ERC), Support for frontier research (SP2-Ideas), Starting grant n° 283870.

It is hosted by the Centre d'études Himalayennes, at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)

For further information and any questions, please contact the Principal Investigator, Stéphane Gros

CEH - UPR 299
7 rue Guy Môquet
94800 Villejuif CEDEX
Tél : 01 49 58 37 36
Fax : 01 49 58 37 28

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Gros Stéphane

Principal Investigator, CNRS researcher
Dr Stephane Gros has been conducting anthropological research in the northwestern Yunnan province since the mid-nineties, and has published a monograph (...)

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Atwill David

Associate Professor of History and Asian Studies, University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
I received my PhD from the University of Hawaii, Manoa in 1999 studying under Dr. Dru C. Gladney. After (...)

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Booz Patrick

Posdoctoral Fellow 2012-2013
Lecturer in History, Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A.
Paddy Booz contribution to the project during his fellowship has concentrated on the theme of Trade and (...)

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Buffetrille Katia

Research Fellow, E.P.H.E., Paris

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Chaix Rémi

Ph.D. candidate, E.P.H.E. (France)
His Masters and postgraduate studies (DEA) focused on the history of a Tibetan scholar from eastern Tibet, Si tu chos kyi ’byung gnas (1700-1774), as well as on (...)

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Chen Bo

Assistant Professor, Sichuan University, China
Dr. Chen Bo received his PhD from Peking University and currently teaches anthropology at Sichuan University. He has been a visiting scholar at UNC (...)

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Da Col Giovanni

Research Associate at the Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge, UK
Giovanni da Col has conducted fieldwork on luck, events, spiritual (...)

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Jacques Guillaume

Research Fellow, Centre de recherches linguistiques sur l’Asie Orientale, CNRS, Paris
Jacques studied linguistics at the University of Amsterdam and Paris Diderot University obtaining his (...)

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Jagou Fabienne

Assistant Professor, Ecole Française d’Extrême Orient, Paris
Après avoir obtenu un D.E.A. en Langue et Civilisation chinoises à l’Université Paris-VII (1991), Fabienne Jagou obtient le diplôme (...)

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Jinba Tenzin

Research Fellow, 2014-2015
Associate Professor, University of Lanzhou, China
Tenzin Jinba did his PhD in Anthropology at Boston University and completed his postdoctoral research within the (...)

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